Barbara Higby

An Immeasurable Distance

#5 The Destined Traveler

The Creator of time traveled through time. The Maker came to live in the world He made. Son of God became Son of Man.

As a human, God lived, eating, drinking, and sleeping as we do. He grieved, laughed, taught. He walked dusty roads, dined with the lowborn and the highborn, cursed hypocrites and blessed children. Eventually He traveled to the cross, the end of His human journey, the beginning of God’s redemption.

I cannot comprehend the distance from heaven to earth. It cannot be understood or measured, though I sometimes try. I was helped when I read The Triumph, by Gene Edwards. As he described the dregs of sin Jesus drank (in what Jesus described as His cup), I thought about the sins too ugly to dwell on.

I refuse to read books or watch shows elucidating sins such as slavery, rape, child abuse, racial discrimination, human trafficking, or torture. These atrocities exist but I can’t bear to look at them. Jesus did more than look. He took them into Himself—and paid their price.

The unthinkable sins, the ugliness that makes me want to lash out, punish, and take revenge, Jesus drank and then made a second inconceivable journey—He descended into hell. Then, by His victorious resurrection, He closed the immeasurable distance with unmerited forgiveness, making our journey to the Father possible.

“Thank you,” is just not enough.

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