Years ago I chose a word for the year, unaware it was a thing. Do you do this? Next week I’ll ask again and share my word for 2021.

Generally my chosen word has served more as a focus to begin a new year rather than the guiding reminder I intend it to be—until this year. When my friend shared with me a challenging circumstance and ended by saying the Lord simply told her, “Trust me,” I took hold of the word for 2020. Really? Of all years to choose the word trust!

Confusion and fear reigned throughout the year. The cause and care of Covid, the hate and hurt of culture and color, the suspicion and sarcasm of the political scene—trust was challenged again and again and still is. Trust me became my repeated refrain.

While many rejoice because 2020 is over, I believe we’ll face its repercussions throughout 2021 and beyond. A ripple effect awaits us, but so does the God who sees and knows all.

During this Christmas I was deeply moved by how differently God could have done things—like have Mary conceive during a more convenient time, thwart the census to avoid donkey travel during the last trimester, kill Herod before he killed the male children. But He didn’t. God let it all unfold when and how it did because He had a plan. He always has a plan. This past year didn’t stymie God and neither will the new one.

I invite you and remind myself to listen for His whisper in 2021, “Trust Me.”