Barbara Higby

Fall – a welcome transition

Fall is my favorite season. My heart quickens at the first discovery of leaves tinged with color.

I love watching the multicolored foliage gradually paint the landscape with breathtaking beauty.

I love the chill that calls for sweaters and hoodies and the rustle of fallen leaves crunching under my feet.

I love the yellow, red, and orange decor on front stoops and in homes, made cozier by the warm colors.

I love cold apple cider and warm cider donuts…and sugary, sweet candy corn.

I love the odd shapes and textures of gourds, the happy cheer of pumpkins, and the glow of jack-o-lanterns.

I love apple picking and munching on crisp apples and apple crisp. I love pressing cooked apples through the apple mill and sampling the sweet, warm sauce before pouring it into freezer containers.

I love open bedroom windows and silenced air conditioners, and sleep that seems sounder from the freshness of fall air.

I love all things pumpkin—pies, breads, cookies, toasted seeds, and soups—but not flavoring my coffee please.

I love the delight of mums, their happy heads dotting yards and walkways…and ornamental cabbages, corn stalks, bales of hay, variegated Indian corn, and scarecrows large and small.

I love piles of leaves along curbs, the sound of swishing rakes (but not of blowers), and the sight of children jumping in mounds of leaves, laughing and tossing handfuls in the air.

I love the fall!

What are your favorites? Share them below in the comment section.

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