Our lives are isolated, the news is bleak, politics are combative. We’re without answers or antidotes but have lots of agonies and apprehensions. How can we have hope when something as simple as checking the weather app gives us COVID statistics?

While we pray for physical healing, medical solutions, financial relief, and distanced family members, God invites us to look Higher. Our attention is on immediate needs, His is on eternal blessing. We see frustrating circumstances, He sees temporary pain. If we don’t learn to see as He sees, we will lose hope because people are still dying, financial need is still increasing, loved ones are still quarantined. But God, He sees the end from the beginning. He sees the eternal overriding the temporal. He sees gain, victory, peace, not loss, defeat, and fear.

In I Was Broken, Too, I define the “H” path to hope as Hold Your Eyes Higher. On this path we look above our situation and settle our eyes—and our faith—on the One who is greater than our daily challenges. We decide to look at God, who is greater and wiser, and trust His plan and purposes. Of course it’s not easy, but it’s a choice, and choosing to trust the One who knit together our bodies, calls the stars by name, and commands the waves to roll will restore our hope.

I Was Broken, Too