Barbara Higby

I Love Blue

On the Lighter Side

I love the color blue—cooling and calming, peaceful and relaxing. All blues appeal—subdued navy, rich cornflower, purple-hued periwinkle, striking cobalt, perky turquoise, and gentle sky blue.

My closets reflect my favorite color—proof that I naturally gravitate to blue when I shop. I love blue blouses and a pair of favorite blue shoes, blue and white dishes and enamelware, and a variety of blue teapots. Thanks to Bobby Vinton, I once owned a blue velvet dress.

I love deep rich sapphires, but also the silvery blue of cobalt, speckled lapis lazuli, and sparkling zircons.

I loved my mother’s blue eyes—though her body and mind faded, her beautiful blue eyes glowed.

I love blue birds—the noisy jay, the talkative parakeet, and the tame canary. I would love to see a bluebird and a blue butterfly in their habitat—how stunning!

I have blue throughout our home—pictures, pots, and plates—a pop of blue in every room.

I love the blue sky—bright and shining on a sunny day, and also the grayish blue that promises rain. Crystal clear or cloud-studded—can you imagine God using any other color?

I love blue flowers—so rare and special—audacious hydrangeas, humble forget-me-nots, wild delphinium, stunning grape hyacinths, and cornflower bachelor buttons.

I love the reflection of sky on water—blue ocean waves sparkly and white-foamed; a lake’s varying blues determined by depth and shadows; and the remarkable aquamarine of tropical waters.

Surprisingly, I don’t care for blueberries—and I don’t like being blue, all melancholy and introspective. But I love true blue—faithful friends, honored commitments, and those who put on the blue to nobly protect and serve us.

How thankful I am that Creator God used a poly-chromatic kaleidoscope of color when He made our world. I can’t imagine the colors we’ll see in heaven—how vibrant and varied!

You know my favorite color—what’s yours?

Image by Игорь Левченко from Pixabay

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