I love the foliage—yellow, orange, red, and brown in landscapes dotted with green firs—leaves tumbling, floating, swishing—dotting lawns, clogging streams, filling leave men, piling high on curbs—unique in their fragrance, breathtaking in their beauty.

I love pumpkins—large and small, brightly orange and hybrid mellow yellow—flavoring breads, baked in pies, seeds roasted with a dash of salt—jack-o-lanterned with smiling faces and missing teeth.

I love mums, gourds, and cabbages—splashing yards with splotches of yellow, rust, maroon— gourds stripped or spotted, smooth or bumpy, squat or long-necked—curly cabbage leaves ruffled with white or purple.

I love apples—picked from trees or cidered and warm—apple pies, cider donuts—on a stick, robed in caramel—oozing through an apple mill, sprinkled with sugar, and fragrantly delicious.

I love cool temps—brisk and fresh, not yet frigid—calling for cozy sweaters and hoodies—inviting woodland walks on leave-strewn paths—requesting extra blankets and promising sounder sleep.

I love early darkness—lamp-warmed windows, fireplaces crackling, candles burning—snuggled in a throw, feet slippered, book opened, warm mug in hand.

What do you love about fall? Do you have a favorite fall tradition? Please share!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash