I love swapping down-filled coats for fleecy sweatshirts, stepping over puddles instead of snow, smelling fresh air rather than forced heat.

I love the sense of expectancy, the budding of hope, and faces quicker to smile.

I love the smell—fresh and clean, like linen and cotton and budding flowers.

I love spring rains, singing birds, and swaying in the hammock.

And I love spring’s colors. Not the pumpkin oranges and leafy golds of fall, or the pine green and holly berry reds of winter, but the daily proliferation of gentle, soothing pastels.

I love the green of spring—newborn leaves, eager buds, and fresh grass.

I love the yellow of spring—longer sunlight, waving forsythia, and bobbing daffodils.

I love the pink of spring—healthy cheeks kissed by fresh air, swaying tulips, and stoic hyacinths.

I love the blue of spring—the brighter, clearer, (seemingly bluer) sky, and the joyful discovery of robins’ eggs in a nearby nest.

I thank God seasons are part of His design. Like life, each has a unique beauty to savor and enjoy.

What do you love about spring?