When something is made new, it’s already in existence but has been given new life, an overhaul, a fresh beginning. However, there’s no newness like our newness when God takes over our lives and makes us new creations. Unlike any other newness, ours never grows old. Our re-creation doesn’t bear an expiration date.

Like the blood that never stops pumping through our bodies, Jesus’ blood pumps its redemptive, restorative power through our lives every moment of every day. It is a spring that never runs dry, cleansing and refreshing our souls. It produces hope and gives us joy. It washes scales from our eyes, heals our wounds, and energizes our lives. It is the antibody that fights selfishness and jealousy, anger and meanness, bitterness and fear. It produces peace, nurtures trust, and manifests love.

And this is just a taste—a hint—of what our forever life will be.

“Go…and tell the people the full message of this new life.” Acts 5:20