Barbara Higby

The Road from Death to Life

#6 Tearful Travelers

Caring, devoted, passionate women were among Jesus’ followers. They believed in Him and faithfully watched for the fulfillment of Jesus’ time. Early Easter morning they tearfully hurried to the tomb with spices for His body. Why had they not thought to invite the men to remove the stone? Perhaps as tears blurred their eyes, grief blurred their thinking.

Of course, we hind-sighters know the story. The stone was rolled away, the tomb was empty, except for the angels. Not understanding, the women continued to mourn—until the resurrected Jesus turned their tears of mourning to tears of joy. Part of me envies their first-hand discovery.

But… Jesus still reveals to me fresh resurrection truth. He comes to me, a sometimes-faithless female follower, and rolls away stones from my desolate places. The sin that snared me, the despair that gripped me, the selfishness that consumed me are rolled away by my risen Lord and I’m given life—again. Like the women of old, my tears of sorrow become tears of joy because Jesus stills rolls away stones.

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Image by TC Perch from Pixabay

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