Classic Summer Rewrites

It’s a lie, lie. You’re telling a lie.
I never know why you don’t know how
To Tell the Truth, truth, truth, truth
You don’t know how To Tell the Truth…

Rewrite: It’s not a game show

This one’s an oldie! “To Tell the Truth” first aired in 1956 and, after a few lengthy breaks and timely tweaks, has been revived by ABC. Three contestants claim to be a particular person and one of the three actually is. The panel asks them questions to determine which one is authentic. To clarify, two fakes are lying in an attempt to deceive the panelists and the real McCoy is telling the truth. Who’s for real?

The first television game show was similarly named, “Truth or Consequences.” When a contestant didn’t tell the truth (in answer to an all but impossible question), they paid the consequence with embarrassing antics. These shows may amuse us but there’s nothing funny about lies in real life.

Which doctor or scientist is correctly assessing COVID 19 and accurately advising us? Which voice is honest about the civil unrest sweeping our country—its causes and cures? Which politician is truthful about their positions, platform, or promises?

Absolute truth is only found in one place, from one Person. God is Truth, embodies truth, and speaks truth—and He wrote it down for us.

I created a PDF of 14 truth statements that we can rely on for COVID fears, civil unrest, and our presidential election. Sign up to receive my MuseLetter* and you’ll have access to an attractive pdf to help you focus on the truth—and the Truth—amid the buzz of confusing voices.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” –Jesus, John 8:32

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