The alarm sounds, I moan and hit snooze. Gradually my mind awakens and sleepy thoughts refresh themselves faster than I do. Hazy recall of opposing sides (which can both sound really right!) buzzes in my brain. The world, the pundits, the news feeds have not slept while I did—and they are ready to pounce.

What will the news be today? Pandemic spikes and further restrictions? Fresh political accusations and rantings? More protests and violence? Instead of opening our eyes to a new woe, let’s awake to a new wow.

Wow—God’s love is still flowing, pouring in and over and through my life! It just doesn’t stop. It doesn’t run out. It doesn’t give up.

Wow—God’s mercies haven’t ended! They are full and free, generous and real. They greet me in the morning and tuck me in at night. There is not a moment I am without them.

Wow—God is my portion, my allotment, all I need and more than enough. He is tireless and tenacious, the source of my hope. He is unfailing, unflagging, unfaltering. He is all-knowing, all powerful, and almighty. He is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

Awake, my soul, and prepare to be wowed with mercy that’s new for today!