Barbara Higby

About the Book

The joy of my heart is to encourage women. I regard every invitation to speak as an opportunity to offer hope – whether it be a brunch or a tea, a regular meeting or a special event.

This is where author Barbara Higby found herself when her daughter suddenly died. Previous losses had tutored her in how to renew hope—a failed adoption process, the death of newborn twins, the challenges of a disabled son, the collapse of her calling—but her daughter’s death plunged her to a new depth of hopelessness. Barbara’s story of bringing life to her shattered hope will encourage others who are disheartened by loss.

I Was Broken, Too offers four paths to restore hope in the battle-weary.

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• H—Hold your Eyes Higher
• O—Open your Heart to God’s Opportunities
• P—Ponder the Positive, not the Problems
• E—Expect Grace

I Was Broken, Too was written for you, the broken, disillusioned, and wounded. If loss of any kind has assaulted your hope, follow the paths that revived Barbara’s—they are achievable and hope is possible. You will discover that what God has done for her, He will do for you.

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About the Author

Barbara Higby’s passion is to encourage others, from a podium, one-on-one, and in her writing. She has widely served in women’s ministry and alongside her pastor husband, Rich. Barbara’s experience as a biological and adoptive mother of five, a mother-figure, foster mother, bereaved mother, and grandmother of eleven, has seasoned her ministry with compassion. Barbara claims dual citizenship—her feet walk the streets of New Jersey, but her home is Heaven, where three children precede her.




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