The joy of my heart is to encourage women. I regard every invitation to speak as an opportunity to offer hope – whether it be a brunch or a tea, a regular meeting or a special event.

I also offer one day workshops and retreats. I will address a topic you request or choose from the following suggestions:

  • I Was Broken, Too is my signature presentation, my heartbeat, if you will. I present four paths to hope based my book, I Was Broken, Too. A condensed 40-minute presentation is perfect for Women’s Teas or special events. I also offer a four-part workshop of 30-minute sessions with delving questions for small groups or personal reflection.
  • A Woman’s Self-Portrait is a three session seminar that explores reasons for a poor self-image and helps women see themselves as God does.
  • Life is Not a QWERTY Keyboard – Wouldn’t we love life to be as predictable as a computer keyboard? What if we could, by the flick of a finger, bold those things that are important to us and delete those things (or people) that are inconvenient? This message of hope focuses on the One who has all things under Ctrl.
  • Rock, Fortress, Deliverer – Discover the all-encompassing care of a loving God and feel fears subside in the light of Psalm 18.

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