Mary, the Wild Woman

Mary Magdalene had her demons… tormenting and tenacious. She also had her Deliverer… almighty and authoritative. Jesus set Mary free, as He sets us free. Our “demons” may not cause us to shriek or writhe on the ground, but they are as evil and powerful as Mary’s were.

Our evil is more sophisticated. Our anger is labeled impatience; our jealousy is called wanting what’s fair; our self-pity is described as self-care; our unforgiveness is named justification; and our bitterness is said to be reasonable. They are quieter than Mary’s demons, but as dangerous. Thank God, we have the same Deliverer, with the same power, mercy, and authority.

As one who is delivered from sin, I want to live the thankful life Mary lived, echoing her devotion and honoring my Savior. I want to follow Him as she did, pursuing His presence and worshiping at the cross.

How amazing that the first person Jesus appeared to after His resurrection was not one of the twelve, but a former demon possessed woman. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene for this honor and she could not keep quiet.

Lord, like Mary may I be untamed in testifying of your goodness and power, proclaiming your death and resurrection to the Marys of this world.

Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: ”I have seen the Lord!”

John 20:18

Mary, the Good Girl

In preparing for Easter, three Marys have captured my thoughts. Their unique roles inspire me to search my heart and emulate their beauty. The first is Mary, the good girl.

Mary’s family (brother Lazarus and sister Martha) loved Jesus and He often visited their home in Bethany. Yearning for truth, Mary drew to Jesus’ side, shutting out distractions and even duties. She seemed to have an unquenchable thirst for more, a desire to go deeper, a heart hungry for truth. She sat and listened and her devotion grew. I see her as a persistent woman, not deterred in her quest for God. She was so focused on Him, she became radical.

Not caring about those crowded around the dinner table, she entered the room and poured a jar of expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. It was strange, it was costly, it was extreme. It was Mary demonstrating the epitome of her devotion.

I admire her—her hunger for God, her single-mindedness, her selflessness.

Lord, I want you to be preeminent in my thoughts, my hours, my days, as you were in Mary’s. Give me her tenacious desire to learn from you. Let me ignore the call of comfort or lure of distractions and devote myself fully to you. Like Mary, I want to fill my space with the fragrance of worship.

Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

John 12:3

I Love Cs

I love chocolate, coffee, and caramel—separately or in any combination.

I love the Cs in my family—Corey & Cole—both have clever wit and creative talent.

Which brings me to creativity—I love discovering new words to write, arranging displays to welcome a new season, watching artists turn colors and shapes into masterpieces, hearing words blend with notes to make a melody I can only hum off-key—all reflections of Creator God.

I love the Creator and His limitless imagination. I love His generous heart that sprinkles this earth with wonders that reflect His goodness and beauty.

I love coats giving way to cardigans; coats of paint coloring a room; coats of snow, crystalized and cold… and now banished by the coming spring.

I love confections—crumbly crumb cake, cones filed with ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and coconut enhancing any sweet treat.

I love camping memories, campfires, cooking on coals outdoors… and the fact that they’re memories & I will never again sleep in a tent.

I love caterpillars and chipmunks, cats and camels, cougars and chimpanzees, but not crocodiles and centipedes.

I love the contrast of city and country—both crowds and cows that stimulate my senses.

I love the current conveniences of cold air conditioning and comfortable cars.

I love the coming of seasons—already I’m anticipating corn on the cob, cabbage in coleslaw, cucumber salad, and chicken on the grill.

I love cantaloupe and cherries, cashews and cheese, calzones and clam chowder.

I love Christmas—Christmas cookies and carols, candles and colored lights, candy canes and pine cones.

I love community and connection, calls of Hello! How are you? Can I sit with you?

I love the qualities of contentment and courage and a crusader spirit.

I love Christ—crucified and coming—conqueror of all I hate and commander of all I love.

What Cs do you love?