I Love Cs

I love chocolate, coffee, and caramel—separately or in any combination.

I love the Cs in my family—Corey & Cole—both have clever wit and creative talent.

Which brings me to creativity—I love discovering new words to write, arranging displays to welcome a new season, watching artists turn colors and shapes into masterpieces, hearing words blend with notes to make a melody I can only hum off-key—all reflections of Creator God.

I love the Creator and His limitless imagination. I love His generous heart that sprinkles this earth with wonders that reflect His goodness and beauty.

I love coats giving way to cardigans; coats of paint coloring a room; coats of snow, crystalized and cold… and now banished by the coming spring.

I love confections—crumbly crumb cake, cones filed with ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and coconut enhancing any sweet treat.

I love camping memories, campfires, cooking on coals outdoors… and the fact that they’re memories & I will never again sleep in a tent.

I love caterpillars and chipmunks, cats and camels, cougars and chimpanzees, but not crocodiles and centipedes.

I love the contrast of city and country—both crowds and cows that stimulate my senses.

I love the current conveniences of cold air conditioning and comfortable cars.

I love the coming of seasons—already I’m anticipating corn on the cob, cabbage in coleslaw, cucumber salad, and chicken on the grill.

I love cantaloupe and cherries, cashews and cheese, calzones and clam chowder.

I love Christmas—Christmas cookies and carols, candles and colored lights, candy canes and pine cones.

I love community and connection, calls of Hello! How are you? Can I sit with you?

I love the qualities of contentment and courage and a crusader spirit.

I love Christ—crucified and coming—conqueror of all I hate and commander of all I love.

What Cs do you love?

I Love Fall

The Light Side

We’re one week into the fall and I love it!

I love the thrill of spotting the first tinges of color accenting the trees as they prepare for their winter nap.

I love apples—fresh from the orchard, baked in pies and crisps, warm and oozing out of my apple mill, and cold, brisk cider.

I love the warmth of fall colors—the accent of orange pumpkins and purple cabbages on front porches; spotted and striped gourds on my table; and cheerful mums of rust, burgundy, and yellow.

I love the nip in the air that prompts sweaters and hoodies and gives reason to light a fire.

I love the ever-changing carpet of red, yellow, and brown leaves, the swishing sound when I shuffle through them, and the piles at the curb inviting the child in me to jump in.

I love the aroma of pumpkin bread in the oven, the salty crunch of toasted pumpkin seeds, and a slice of pumpkin pie (with real whipped cream).

I love the creeping darkness that edges in a little sooner each evening, enticing me to curl up earlier with my book.

I love the anticipation of Thanksgiving, retelling the pilgrims’ story, writing what we’re thankful for on a large white poster, counting our blessings, a roasted turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes, and too many dessert choices.

What do you love about the fall?

I Love Ps

I love purples and pinks streaking the sky, proclaiming God’s praises.

I love flower beds prettily punctuated with pansies and petunias, and the outrageous beauty of poppies, peonies, and poinsettias.

I love patterns of paisley, plaid, or polka dots.

I love the peculiar animals that begin with P— peacocks, penguins, pandas, porcupines, panthers, pelicans, and parrots. (Isn’t God amazing?

I love pizza pies with pineapple and ham or pepperoni, sprinkled with parmesan.

I love peaches and pineapple, pretzels and popcorn, pancakes and homemade pies.

I love potatoes—orange, roasted sweet potatoes; potato salad with egg and mayo; the occasional home fries and French fries (on my “only a taste” list).I love to watch paddle boats on the nearby pond.

I love people and personalities with God-given passion, pursuing their purpose.

I love parties and picnics and patterned paper plates.

I love walking paths among the pines in flickering patterns of sunlight, picking up pebbles or pinecones, discovering pussy willows or pink lady slippers.

I love the paper pages of published books—the way they smell, their feel as I turn the pages, my eyes running over paragraphs.

I love watching the pretend world of children played out on playgrounds or in playhouses.

I love puzzles—jigsaw, crossword, and kakuro.

I love the softness of pillows, the beauty of pearls, the pleasure of parasols, the phenomenon of pyramids, the peaceful sound of piano music.

I invite you to let your mind consider words beginning with P or any letter. You will notice overlooked blessings and gratitude will grow.

What I Like about Summer

Each season I blog about what I love during that time of year. I always feel disingenuous when I proclaim, “I love summer,” because I don’t. Yet, there are things I do like about summer, so here’s my more honest assessment of summer’s blessings.

  • Watermelon—red and ripe, juicy and drippy, sweet and refreshing.
  • Ice cream cones—I know, there is no off-season for this creamy treat but it’s especially good in summer, particularly from the Belville Creamery in NY state with its picture postcard view. It is worth the trip (and the calories) for a scoop of coconut ice cream with almonds covered in dark chocolate.
  • The slower pace that invites us to relax and unwind, to take deep breaths, reset our internal clocks, and appreciate life and living.
  • Barbecues—paper plates, cold salads, hot dogs, warm friends, and easy conversation.
  • Lightning bugs, flying, flickering, adding sparkle to lazy summer evenings. May we never grow too old to thrill at their display.
  • Iced tea, but not just any iced tea, only the family recipe passed down from my mother-in-law. Just enough sugar and lemon, half decaf, steeped to perfection, delicious and refreshing. 
  • Seasonal flora and fauna—fruits and flowers, birds and butterflies, each with their own unique beauty.
  • Summer storms—sometimes sudden, always fascinating, breaking into the monotonous heat with a spectacular show of rumbles and flashes, drenching and replenishing the earth.

Hmm. Maybe I do love summer! What are your summer favorites?

It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth;
    you made both summer and winter.
Psalm 74:17