How appropriate that our final look at fulness in 2022 is Prayer-FULL. I have been blessed, protected, and covered by an uncounted cadre of prayer warriors this last week. Only hours before I planned to write my post for Thursday, I had a small stroke. I am well and almost completely recovered but, oh, how precious was the knowledge that friends, known and unknown, were pleading with God on my behalf.

My best prayer teacher has been our son David. He is basically nonverbal and functions at, maybe, the level of a 6-year old, but his 42-year old heart is attuned to the Lord and he knows from where his help comes.

We have never passed a siren without praying for the stranger in the ambulance, the destination of a fire truck, or those in a roadside accident—every siren is a call to prayer. We pray for the salvation of every waitress who takes our order and for every nurse or caregiver who touches David. Every upsetting situation is covered with prayer—the Ukraine? Covered. Police movies? Covered, it matters not that they’re fictional, they’re people who need prayer. I can’t tell you how many times we prayed about the Super Bowl halftime.

There are no needs too small or too large for David’s God. There is no limit to the mercy David expects from Him. There is no trial or challenge he doesn’t carry to God. And David is no respecter of persons—he prays for the stranger as fervently as for his loved ones. We can’t cut his prayers short, David prays until he’s emptied his heart. And then… he walks away! Heartfelt burdens are brought with tears and then left at Jesus’ feet. David knows God’s got it covered.

Over the years, David’s limitations have been marked by inabilities. But his faith doesn’t know limitations, he is trusting and confident of God’s listening ear.

When I grow up, I want to be like David.

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