Joshua: “Each of you is to take up a stone… 
to serve as a sign among you.
In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them.”
From Joshua 4:4-7

We’ve collected many stones of remembrance over the years. They weren’t gathered from the middle of the Jordan as the Israelites’ were, but from our personal river-crossing experiences, the times we stood still and witnessed God’s blessing. The stones remind us of His faithfulness and we tell the stories to our children and grandchildren.

One stone reminds us of the search for our first home. As young, new parents this decision was not easy—we prayed over and weighed each prospective opportunity. We were visiting relatives in North Carolina when my father called—he found a house for us. Dad rode by the property, drove directly to the realtor’s office, and made an offer without entering the house. His was the first offer—with eight buyers lined up behind him. If we had been home we would have been in line behind those eight buyers, still dithering about our decision. God knew. The house went on the market when we couldn’t get in His way. He provided—and we remember. We are still awed by His loving care.

Each of our stones represents a grace-filled place where God guided, provided, interrupted,  broke through, and manifested Himself in love, kindness, and mercy. The stones symbolize pivotal times in our lives—one for each birth, each marriage, each home, each church. They remind us of God’s unique creation of every child and grandchild, of His loving care in positioning us where He wants us, and His unique timing in putting us in a specific place at the right moment.

Where were you when God showed up with blessing, protection, or intervention? Share those places with your children and with others. Your story will remind your listeners of places where God has worked in their lives.

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