God’s Hands Bear Our Name

I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” — Isaiah 49:15-16

Take a moment and look at your palms. The lines you see are called palmar flexion creases. The three deep, prominent creases should look familiar to you since you were born with them—they actually began to form around the 12th week of gestation. These creases are not without purpose according to scienceabc.com. They allow the skin to adapt when our hands are active—stretching, folding, bending, or fisting. With out them, our skin would sag (not a pretty thought).

What does God see when He looks at His palms? I don’t know if He sees three creases on each hand, but He does see our names. They are engraved on His palms, prominent, inside His grasp, present during every God activity. The Bible tells us we existed before Creation—I wonder if we were on His palms when He created the world.

We are so precious to God that He etched our names on His palms—permanently, no ball point pen or felt-tip marker. Every time God extends His hand, He sees our names. He will not forget us!

I hope you feel as special as I do.

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