Stand… Armed

Stand, #2

Stand firm then, with… truth… righteousness…
peace… faith… salvation and… the Word of God.
Ephesians 6:14-18

You may have learned, as I did, that stubbornly standing does not ensure success. Stubbornness allows us to feel determined and enjoy an exaggerated perception of strength but, like other good intentions, it won’t win any wars. God gives us what we need to win.

We may get hung up with the specific pieces of armor listed in Ephesians 6—belt, breastplate, shoes, shield, helmet, and sword—but when we step aside from the imagery we find our basic provisions.

  • God is the truth.
  • He makes us righteous.
  • He gives us peace and makes us peacemakers.
  • He gives us faith and makes us faithful.
  • He saved us, making us His.
  • His manual is the Word of God.

It is ALL we need—and it is all we NEED.

So, “don’t leave home without it.” Don’t try to stand without being protected and armed. Rely on truth, not feelings. Act with integrity. Step forward in the confidence of peace. Be secure in your faith. Know that your salvation has placed you in the army of the redeemed. Immerse yourself in the Word.

Now… you are ready to stand!

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