An Invitation to Look Higher

This is the last of three sample meditations from my forthcoming book. I must say, it is intimidating to put myself out there like this. But then I reason, I can’t I publish the book if I don’t trust my friends. This is Day 49.

Lord, I Need to Change my Focus

God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2:6-7

The most debilitating aspect of my brokenness was the way it hijacked my thoughts. There were days I could not lift my eyes above my pain—it screamed, throbbed, and stomped its feet. Its tantrums riveted my attention. I felt panicky and wondered if I would survive. How was I still functioning with this much pain? Could I live another day in this hurting body, on this precarious planet, among these flawed people?

I was groveling, not confidently living in heavenly places. This verse encouraged me to lift my head while walking the streets of this sick and painful world. It reminded me I have a home beyond my zip code where healing and hope abound. Dual citizenship meant I am a resident of Heaven and have treasures in another realm.

We were made for more than this earth. When we awaken the awareness of our eternal future, our eyes will look beyond our suffering. The promise of healing, peace, and dried tears will revive our hope. Restoration, justice, and wholeness await us.

Dear one, you are not alone but part of a family of sufferers and hopers. Know that Jesus secures your inheritance—one you can already glimpse if you will look up. Don’t let earth’s sorrows eclipse the joy that is yours, but focus your heart and mind on the life God offers. Live in the heavenly realms now.

6 thoughts on “An Invitation to Look Higher

  1. Beautifully said, Barbara! Left me teary-eyed and thankful. So glad you are sharing your journey to healing with others!! 🙌💗🙌


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