Be Strong and Courageous—and Lead

What direction is God leading you in this fall? What new land will you enter? Students will step into new classrooms. Perhaps you are facing a different job, challenging path, or fresh opportunity. My husband and I anticipate becoming part of a new church home. New is exciting, but it’s also daunting.

When Joshua was about to lead God’s people into a new land God’s word to him was “be strong and courageous.” Apparently it was a much-needed encouragement—God repeated it four times in chapter one. It was also multi-faceted because He added a new descriptive with each reiteration. The first is found in verse 6:

“Be strong and courageous, because you will lead…”

When you obey God and move forward with strength and courage, look behind you and you’ll find someone following you. It may not be your intention, but strength and courage is magnetic and draws those who need it for their own path. Don’t shun or discourage them, just press forward—as you follow God’s plan for you, they will learn and discover their own part in God’s purposes.

A strong and courageous leader is also contagious. Following God makes you a natural leader and you may be surprised to find others learning by the example you set. Your devotion and commitment will catch on and those behind you will gain strength… and find they are now being followed. Whatever your current endeavor, be strong and courageous because, when you’re faithful, you will lead others.

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