I Love Ps

I love purples and pinks streaking the sky, proclaiming God’s praises.

I love flower beds prettily punctuated with pansies and petunias, and the outrageous beauty of poppies, peonies, and poinsettias.

I love patterns of paisley, plaid, or polka dots.

I love the peculiar animals that begin with P— peacocks, penguins, pandas, porcupines, panthers, pelicans, and parrots. (Isn’t God amazing?

I love pizza pies with pineapple and ham or pepperoni, sprinkled with parmesan.

I love peaches and pineapple, pretzels and popcorn, pancakes and homemade pies.

I love potatoes—orange, roasted sweet potatoes; potato salad with egg and mayo; the occasional home fries and French fries (on my “only a taste” list).I love to watch paddle boats on the nearby pond.

I love people and personalities with God-given passion, pursuing their purpose.

I love parties and picnics and patterned paper plates.

I love walking paths among the pines in flickering patterns of sunlight, picking up pebbles or pinecones, discovering pussy willows or pink lady slippers.

I love the paper pages of published books—the way they smell, their feel as I turn the pages, my eyes running over paragraphs.

I love watching the pretend world of children played out on playgrounds or in playhouses.

I love puzzles—jigsaw, crossword, and kakuro.

I love the softness of pillows, the beauty of pearls, the pleasure of parasols, the phenomenon of pyramids, the peaceful sound of piano music.

I invite you to let your mind consider words beginning with P or any letter. You will notice overlooked blessings and gratitude will grow.

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