Be Strong and Courageous—Even when Opposed

9/22/2022 (239)

Did you sense God’s presence giving you strength and courage this past week? Did you savor His promise to be with you wherever you go? Was your journey less lonely and more focused? In Joshua 1:17-18 we see why it’s essential for us to be confident of God’s unremitting presence.

The people Joshua was leading acknowledged that he would meet with rebellion but they wanted him to succeed. They promise their fidelity to Joshua—and then they repeat the words God previously spoke:

“Only be strong and courageous!” (Joshua 1:18)

Last week we talked about opposition, enemies who seem to pop out at the most annoying times. They approached you before and you shooed them away, only to discover they’ve returned. One is named Fear, another is Insecurity, and they are joined by Doubt. Don’t be surprised if you also find Self-Pity and Grumbling crouching around the corner.

Do not yield to the enemy—turn your back on his taunts, silence him with a rebuke, denounce him with the Word of God. You have been called. You have a work to do. You are involved in purposes higher than you know.

The Lord is for you.

The Holy Spirit is in you.

God’s people need you to succeed.

Listen only to them—the Lord above, the Spirit within, the saints beside you.

Don’t be distracted or discouraged. “Only be strong and courageous.”

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