I Love Fall

The Light Side

We’re one week into the fall and I love it!

I love the thrill of spotting the first tinges of color accenting the trees as they prepare for their winter nap.

I love apples—fresh from the orchard, baked in pies and crisps, warm and oozing out of my apple mill, and cold, brisk cider.

I love the warmth of fall colors—the accent of orange pumpkins and purple cabbages on front porches; spotted and striped gourds on my table; and cheerful mums of rust, burgundy, and yellow.

I love the nip in the air that prompts sweaters and hoodies and gives reason to light a fire.

I love the ever-changing carpet of red, yellow, and brown leaves, the swishing sound when I shuffle through them, and the piles at the curb inviting the child in me to jump in.

I love the aroma of pumpkin bread in the oven, the salty crunch of toasted pumpkin seeds, and a slice of pumpkin pie (with real whipped cream).

I love the creeping darkness that edges in a little sooner each evening, enticing me to curl up earlier with my book.

I love the anticipation of Thanksgiving, retelling the pilgrims’ story, writing what we’re thankful for on a large white poster, counting our blessings, a roasted turkey with stuffing and sweet potatoes, and too many dessert choices.

What do you love about the fall?

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