Stand… At Attention

Stand, #9, final

Be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. 
James 5:8

In this final post about standing, we find our motivation, satisfaction, and reason for standing firm. Patience as we stand indicates expectancy—we wait for what we know is coming.

We stand, we endure, we anticipate. We are stretched, we suffer, we tire. But we stand, not for today’s reward but for the one that awaits us. We stand firm because life is more than what we see today, more than our highest highs and lowest lows, more than all we imagine or hope for. We stand, watching and waiting, knowing that the heavens will part and our Redeemer will come and we will begin living our lives as they were designed to be lived.

The eternity that resides in our hearts will be attained and every tomorrow will be untainted, unburdened, unrestricted. Gone will be our deficits and disappointments. The constraints of our humanity will fall away. The freedom to love flawlessly, create perfectly, and live fully will be ours. We will have no pain in our bodies or hearts, no bitterness or injured feelings, no attitude except one of worship. Every part of us will be healed and whole.

So stand—at attention—and watch, “because the Lord’s coming is near.”

Fight the good fight of the faith.
Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called.
1 Timothy 6:12a

4 thoughts on “Stand… At Attention

  1. We are waiting for this great and glorious day, when we will see Him face to face. And the hope we have is SURE!! The promises we have already fulfilled! Come Lord Jesus!!


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