I Love Cs

I love chocolate, coffee, and caramel—separately or in any combination.

I love the Cs in my family—Corey & Cole—both have clever wit and creative talent.

Which brings me to creativity—I love discovering new words to write, arranging displays to welcome a new season, watching artists turn colors and shapes into masterpieces, hearing words blend with notes to make a melody I can only hum off-key—all reflections of Creator God.

I love the Creator and His limitless imagination. I love His generous heart that sprinkles this earth with wonders that reflect His goodness and beauty.

I love coats giving way to cardigans; coats of paint coloring a room; coats of snow, crystalized and cold… and now banished by the coming spring.

I love confections—crumbly crumb cake, cones filed with ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and coconut enhancing any sweet treat.

I love camping memories, campfires, cooking on coals outdoors… and the fact that they’re memories & I will never again sleep in a tent.

I love caterpillars and chipmunks, cats and camels, cougars and chimpanzees, but not crocodiles and centipedes.

I love the contrast of city and country—both crowds and cows that stimulate my senses.

I love the current conveniences of cold air conditioning and comfortable cars.

I love the coming of seasons—already I’m anticipating corn on the cob, cabbage in coleslaw, cucumber salad, and chicken on the grill.

I love cantaloupe and cherries, cashews and cheese, calzones and clam chowder.

I love Christmas—Christmas cookies and carols, candles and colored lights, candy canes and pine cones.

I love community and connection, calls of Hello! How are you? Can I sit with you?

I love the qualities of contentment and courage and a crusader spirit.

I love Christ—crucified and coming—conqueror of all I hate and commander of all I love.

What Cs do you love?

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