I Love Spring

I love to watch the unfolding of spring as I search for glimpses of green on barren branches.

I love the discovery of purple and white crocuses breaking through winter’s softened soil.

I love spring’s early, bright yellow greeters—the swaying forsythia  and bobbing daffodils.

I love longer days, warmer walks, and calmer breezes.

I love the excitement of spotting my first robin and the expectation of goldfinches and hummingbirds.

I love the greening of the grass and the promise of garden produce, local and fresh.

I love peepers chirping their spring welcome, even when their cacophony begins to grate.

I love packing away my winterwear in exchange for pastels and lightweight wraps.

I love seeing children on their bikes and hearing them laugh on playgrounds.

I love the spectacular appearance of pink cherry blossoms and magnificent magnolias.

I love outdoor gatherings, firepit conversations, and rocking on the front porch.

I love God’s creation of seasons and that New Jersey gloriously displays each one.

He changes times and seasons…

Daniel 2:21

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