Help me Create a Title

Help me Create a Title

This picture is only a mock-up of a possible cover for my new book. I need your help to settle on a title. I wrote 60 devotional meditations because I felt that my book, I was Broken, Too, wasn’t enough for those in the thick of their struggle. They need someone to whisper in their ear for at least two months, reminding them they can get through this, God is there to strengthen them, and He has a future for them.

I want to come alongside these unknown friends and say, “I was there and I couldn’t imagine a future either, but God brought me through and He’ll do the same for you.”

I’ve become so hung up on the title that I have lost objectivity, so I’m looking to you for feedback. Here are 4 suggestions but I’m open. What do you think?

  • Walking Broken
  • Facing Brokenness
  • Hope in the Valley
  • Beyond Heartbreak

14 thoughts on “Help me Create a Title

  1. That’s a difficult, Barb, because I haven’t read your book, nor have I been broken as you have.. There are lots of possibilities. “He’s Been There”, He is our Portion” “Broken, but Breathing” Taking the Next Breath, “A New Road” “Looking Up” ………… I suggest you take time away from it. and it’ll come to you. The Lord will give it to you. He is faithful!! Love, Jan


  2. Hi Barbara, Of the four, I think I like Walking Broken because instead of taking away the brokenness or our woundedness, God does as He did with Paul when He said My strength is made perfect in weakness. He brings life and fruitfulness from our grief. If a seed falls into the ground and dies it brings forth fruit. He does this as we walk along limping. Does that help your process? Marc


      1. Yes, Faith did choose differently. Haha, part of the “spice of life!” But when we differ, Faith often has the better wisdom. But you’re the author! 😁


  3. Hi Barbara, Ultimately, you you have to go with your heart, as you know. :)💗 But since you asked… I like Hope in the Valley and Beyond Heartbreak. Also, how about Beyond Brokenness. I like something giving the person a visual to see beyond the current circumstances. Wholeness is Yours, Walking into Wholeness, Stepping Out of Your Season of Brokenness, Beyond Broken.


  4. Good morning Barb~~ I’m sorry I confused you more. I keep looking at that branch that was broken, and keep thinking of how we are connected to Him through the vine. It’s broken, not severed. As long as there is life, there is hope. As long as there is life, we can bloom. It’s all about our connections.

    Hope that might help, or confuse you further. L


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